Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way. This is not philosophy.
This is physics.

Following the principles of a knowledge whose origins can be traced back to the infancy of man, Evolvere Abitando paves the way to a unique design approach that focuses on the very nature of the individual to create houses in which the undisputed protagonist is the self and their unique traits and desires are nourished, protected and served to the highest levels.

Thanks to the Map of Opportunities - the essence of Evolvere Abitando’s design philosophy - the ultimate success of our projects lies in our ability to identify our clients’ most personal and ingrained needs and translate them into architectural images that can enhance their individual sense of happiness and uphold their intimate quest for authentic well-being.

From studio apartments and luxurious penthouse to country estates and lakeside villas, the houses we design are places in which every color, shape and material has been chosen with the specific intention of raising the personal vibration of their inhabitants, allowing them to access greater tools with which to take the quantum leap and deliberately create the reality they have always wanted to live.


Essential, Dedicated, and White Gloves.

Start by choosing A design program that best suits your needs and ASPIRATIONS


Essential Design Program


ESSENTIAL is a short-term home image consulting program designed to help you visually create a style that becomes an expression of your true self.

Starting with “The Map of Opportunities”, we will focus on establishing your personal and subjective needs and defining the best strategy for you to create a home (and a life) that is satisfying and rewarding at all levels - physically, materially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Finally, we will use “The Map Design Board” to translate your needs and desires into a combination of forms, colors, and materials, specifically selected to bring happiness and success to each area of your daily life (family, sentimental relationship, social life, work, etc.)

According to the nature of your intentions, The Map Design Board will also lay out the scope of the project, define specific guidelines, provide preliminary cost information, and advise on the team and approach needed to complete it in a way that is sustainable and coherent with your final goals. As a stand-alone service, ESSENTIAL may also include the creation of a shopping list with a checklist recapping all the design decisions and suggestions to help you develop the project on your own.

Speaking in terms of needs, everyone is different, everyone has their unique set of desires, talents, and ambitions. So, forcing someone into a pre-established order – e.g. into a pre-established architectural style – is first and for most an affront to his uniqueness as a human being.

Dedicated Design Program

YOUR concept COMING to life

DEDICATED is a medium-term professional design service aimed at delivering a concept that will guide you (or your contractor) through the design development and construction of a home that emanates authentic well-being.

For those who would prefer to handle constructing, implementation and furnishing on their own, our DEDICATED program will focus on visually bringing the concept to life, establishing the overall look of the project. Through sketches, floor plans, and renderings, we will take another step forward and translate your “Map Design Board” into a schematic project, ready to be developed and construct by your chosen contractor.

Depending on the nature of the project, this stage may include existing conditions measurement, zoning and building code review, site investigations, basic cost estimation, as well as property research. Several meetings with our external consultants will also arranged to deliver unique design solutions and determine initial cost and time estimations.


White Gloves Design Program


From conception to delivering the key to a completed project, ELITE is our luxury turnkey design solution. With this all-inclusive design service, we take care of each and every aspect of the project, delivering a thoughtful and intuitive service that often results in long-standing relationships with our clients.

Once the concept is approved, our dedicated team will develop the concept into its final image and produce the construction documents needed to apply for building permits. During the construction stage, we will also supervise the building site to ensure a seamless workflow and facilitate the delivery of the project on time and within budget.

With regard to our interior design projects, we will also make sure to acquire your selected products (FF&E) from trusted suppliers, at the best price, and in the least time possible.

With our unique approach, we carefully curate a thoughtful collection of furniture, antiques, rugs, art, books, objects d’art, as well as floral displays, scents and even music. From bespoke pieces of art to library curation, the end result is always understated, effortless, and timeless.




Evolvere Abitando has made our home more comfortable, beautiful and welcoming than I ever could have dreamed up. Without exaggerating the slightest amount, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t Fabrizia thank for her guidance.

ERIN / LONDON /  Satisfied Client  /

We are very surprised at how our home has actually transformed and enhanced our lives. There’s a joy that comes from the building, that grab our heart and hold it.

MARK / LONDON /  Satisfied Client  /

... you feel uplifted, you feel different when you leave, you feel transformed by it.

brian / LOS ANGELES /  Satisfied Client  /