Evolvere Abitando is about feeling good and prospering in your life. It applies to your health, your work, your relationship, as well as to your everyday interactions. It is used to create beauty, internally and externally, in a way that nurtures you and your life goal.

Rooted in a very ancient Knowledge that has been studied and applied to thousands of years, Evolvere Abitando teaches you how to feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled by incorporating the design of your house into all facets of your daily life.

Whether your motivation is to improve your relationship, finances, career, creativity, wisdom, or reputation, or to feel more in touch with yourself and the world around you, Evolvere Abitando will give you the guidance you need to make the space you live in a sanctuary that replenishes your soul and support your dreams.

Evolvere Abitando is based on the idea that:

Everyone is unique and different from anyone else. Acknowledging it is the first step towards the materialization of our dreams and life goals. 


Beauty Is The Key

There is an ancient Knowledge that has existed for thousands of years to show human beings the very sense of their existence on Earth. The origins of this knowledge can be traced back to Old Egypt, in the days when the present race of men was in its infancy; from it have since arisen all the fundamental teachings that have so strongly influenced the religions and philosophies of all races, nations and people, for several thousands of years. Even the most ancient teachings of India have their roots in this Ancient Knowledge, which is said to have been born when the Gods walked the Earth.

Seemingly forgotten for millennia, this knowledge has remained alive among those who have safeguarded it and passed it down to remind us that Man has a unique gift: he has free-will and, thanks to it, he is allowed to make and invent himself in the form he so chooses. By the very fact of being born to life, he is indeed magical and divine: he has all opportunities before him and it is up to him to decide whether to become an Emperor or to allow others to occupy that role. However, before he can make any choices and deliberately create the reality he desires, he first needs to bring beauty into his life. Taken as harmony and perfection, beauty is the maximum vibratory energy that exists in the Universe. It is what draws Man towards his divine nature. It is what makes it possible for him to raise his personal vibration and access greater tools with which to give form and shape to the reality he has always wanted to live, regardless of any external conditioning.

Where Beauty Comes From

The only way possible to bring beauty into a person's life is to know what their real and personal needs are, that is, those needs that are rooted in our structure and that make us unique and different from everyone else. Inherited from our parents to facilitate our existence in this life, these are the only needs that our brain can recognize and fulfill, ensuring total and perfect harmony in our lives. Also, they are the only needs that give rise to desire. Desire is not a hope, not a wish, but a sharp, pulsating force that transcends everything and turns dreams into reality.

Beauty vs Conflicts

However, way too often, those needs are not met because they do not correspond to what we have learned and believed are everybody’s needs. They do not correspond to what we are told by advertising culture, tradition, and the social environment in which we live. And when we do that – i.e. when we no longer fulfill our needs as result of the beliefs we have, of the things we have learned from our parents – we automatically enter the conflict. Conflict means that we lose harmony with ourselves and experience a state of dissonance between our true self and the self we have been taught to be. Such a dissonance is likely to cause unhappiness and sadness about life, and it can also lead to sickness, whether it is more physical or mental.

Unfortunately, in modern society, because of the constant demand coming from the outside to conform to needs and situations that do not belong to us, it is very common to find people in total disharmony in one or even more areas of their lives, be it family, sentimental relationship, social life, or work. For instance, so many people today feel frustrated about not being able to become millionaires. What they do not realize is that this does not happen because it is not what they really want. In other words, they do not feel such a strong need as to transform it into desire because they are simply trying to standardize themselves to everybody else. It is always wise to remember that when we are trying to standardize our needs to those of the others, we are no longer fulfilling our needs. This creates a conflict that automatically precludes any possibility of happiness and evolution.

The Map of Opportunities

Hence the Map of Opportunities, as the simplest and most effective way to identify our true and personal needs and learn how to deliberately create the reality we have always dreamed about. Born from highly in-depth studies of ancient texts, it provides us with precise and detailed information on how to best conduct our life both on a corporal and material level, but also how to best express our desires, emotions, and ideas and successfully reach our highest potential.

Similar to a game, this extremely powerful and effective instrument can be applied to everyone with the intention to establish their Biological Identity – i.e. their biological behavior in each and every sector of their daily life (family, love relationship, social life, work, inner personality, etc.) – and discover the meaning of their Sense-Project. The latter is the end goal towards which we must always tend during our entire existence so that everything we do, live, and experience always makes sense and creates the kind of happiness, beauty, and harmony we are constantly striving for.

Isabella d’Este

It was during the so-called Humanistic era that the Ancient Knowledge was brought back to light, studied and understood in its profound meaning. It was thanks to a close circle of illuminated artists, philosophers and scholars orbiting around Lorenzo De Medici and the Neoplatonic Academy, that the Ancient Knowledge was reconstructed and thus spread among a greater number of people. Among them, there was also a woman, Isabella d’Este, Marquise of Mantua, who devoted her whole life to demonstrating, through the practical example, the validity of those principles that herself impersonated, which - thanks to Map of opportunities - you can now easily implement yourself in your daily life, in a practical and modern way.