Imiss Design


Imiss Design gives recycled cardboard a new and modern look. Made up of an elegant and stylish chair that gives its name to the entire collection, an original coffee table, and its bookshelf, Imiss Design is a combination of forms and colors that exploits the high resistance of recycled corrugated cardboard, which reveal its essence and distinctive nature through the incredibly aesthetics properties it conceals within. 


Made up of an elegant and stylish chair that gives its name to the entire collection, a coffee table and it bookshelf, Imiss Design is a combination of forms and colors that reveals its distinctive nature in recycled corrugated cardboard. Exploiting the high resistance of the latter and the incredible aesthetic properties concealed within, Fabrizia Zorzenon presents an impressively original new collection able to furnish any room or event, making them unique and creative to your guests and friends'eyes.



Inspired by the modernist design of the 1920s, its shape recalls the Barcelona Chair designed by Mies Van Der Rohe to recreate a weave of harmonious lines enriching the poor cardboard. A quote so intended to become a brand, a pure and essential form that reveals the intimate aesthetics of the corrugated cardboard through its surprising simplicity.

Thanks to the composition and technology of this material, Imiss is a design object in which form and structure blend into one another. Particularly solid and resistant, this chair reveals an aesthetic whose quality derives from the complicity of its elements. On the one hand, the eclectic nature of cardboard and its wavy texture; on the other, the desire to eliminate superficiality to leave space for slenderness and transparency. All this is achieved through a process of dissolution of the material in which both the empty spaces and the volumes become protagonists within the work: an expert alternation of matter and air that creates a sounding board in which the word calligraphy echoes. Finally, a visual representation of the forces within the project is underlined by the red color of the profile which becomes the expressive key of the project and the recognizable signature of its author.



With its elegant lines and the simplicity of its material, Mohd is the coffee table par excellence. Its shape recalls the desert sand, the windblown curves, cut and assembled to celebrate the nature of corrugated cardboard.

Beautiful and suitable for any type of environment, Mohd is the second design model in cardboard designed by architect and designer Fabrizia Zorzenon.



Cleo is the expression of a continuous oscillation between different implications. Its shape and duo-tone emerge from the competition of moving forces that express themselves by opposing a contrary force. A game that is translated into a guided force able to govern the forms, pushing them towards the continuous and uninterrupted pursuit of a better position. The result is a latent movement that is captured in its own formation and remains impressed into the material through a form that becomes the trace of the forces that generated it.