Beauty inherently nurtures our evolution as spiritual beings, therefore beautiful architecture becomes a point of access into our own evolution.

Fabrizia Zorzenon, Ph.D. Arch.


With a background in art and scenography, Fabrizia Zorzenon graduated from the University of Architecture in Venice in 2006, following her degree with a Ph.D. in “Economics and Techniques for the Conservation of the Architectural and Environmental Heritage” at the University of Nova Gorica. A few years later, her insightful research thesis became the subject of a thought-provoking book titled “Footbridges as new urban spaces: a cultural project for contemporary landscape,” which was released in 2014.

During this time, Fabrizia had also the opportunity to write for important design magazines, attend international conferences such as IASBE and FOOTBRIDGE, and contribute to the design process of important infrastructural projects led by Enzo Siviero, including Pescara’s “Ponte Nuovo”, as well as the “Rarinantes Footbridge” in Padua, just to mention a couple. In 2014, her article “Footbridges as landscape design” was published in “Footbridge. Small is Beautiful,” promoted by the European Council of Civil Engineers.

However, Fabrizia’s broad interests touch also other areas, such as exhibition design, luxury real estate, furniture design using cutting-edge recycle cardboard, and many more.

In 2010, Fabrizia launched Officina 1159, an exhibition design agency that produced more than hundreds of projects and concepts for theater, trade fairs, showrooms, movies, and fashion shows, with very positive reviews both from the media and from the public. In 2012, she developed “Emotion”, an innovative modular exhibition system sponsored by GiPlanet Group.

Within this framework, another important participation date back to the 90s when she took part in the making of a few movie productions among which “La Femme De Chambre Du Titanic” directed by Bigas Luna.

In 2012, Fabrizia Zorzenon developed Imiss Design, an elegant furniture collection made of recycled corrugated cardboard which was officially launched during the Milano Design Week. A few years later, Imiss Design was selected for “Design For 2015” and received a special mention at the international “Month of Design in Ljubljana”. More recently, Imiss Design brought Fabrizia to collaborate with the Italian television channel (RAI) at the creation of a new TV Show, “Da Cosa Nasce Cosa,” produced by Simona Ercolani.

Since 2013, Fabrizia has been primarily committed to expanding her network of partnerships and collaborations on a global scale, working on residential and commercial projects in London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Dubai. Here, she deepened her knowledge in the luxury real estate market and developed her innovative design ideas and philosophy that – thanks to Lucia Dettori and the Map of Opportunities – are today embodied in the image and mission of Evolvere Abitando.

Fabrizia Zorzenon, Ph.D. Arch.

Fabrizia Zorzenon, Ph.D. Arch.

Rarinantes Footbridge, Padova

Rarinantes Footbridge, Padova

Ponte Nuovo, Pescara

Ponte Nuovo, Pescara





For most of the twentieth century, the quality of a bridge was judged only on the basis of its size and length. This view gave footbridges such secondary importance that they were often reduced to simple structures with beams.  However, at the turn of the new millennium, a radical change of thinking caused the footbridge to be rediscovered as a “vessel of metaphors”.  Learn more…



Imiss Design gives recycled cardboard a new and modern look. Made up of an elegant and stylish chair that gives its name to the entire collection, an original coffee table, and its bookshelf, Imiss Design is a combination of forms and colors that exploits the high resistance of recycled corrugated cardboard, which reveal its essence and distinctive nature through the incredibly aesthetics properties it conceals within.  Learn more…



“Neighborhood Markets in Large Cities” is a project promoted by ACISS, a leading European association whose aim is to promote the development of urban areas to increase living conditions and security for their dwellers. Drawing inspiration from the principles of sustainable urban development, ACISS creates investments return opportunities that allow its members to benefit from the revamping and revitalizing of European Covered Neighborhood Markets. Learn more…



Founded in 1988 by the Italian Scenographer Dino Zorzenon, Teatro OFF is one of the most recognized set design studios in Italy. For the past 30 years, it has been delivering throughout Europe unique pieces of art for theaters, films, showrooms and events. Thanks to an expert team of designers and artisans and its in-house carpentry workshop, Teatro OFF offers a complete range of services for theater and entertainment, along with a wide repertoire of sets and props coming from the most famous theatrical productions, and now available for rentals all over the world. Learn more…