Neighborhood Markets in Large Cities


Neighborhood Markets

A contemporary opportunity to benefit in an untapped commercial property industry segment.

Following decades of dominance from global hypermarket chains, neighbourhood markets in large cities are in the throes of a burgeoning renaissance. Today’s consumers are choosing to spend their hard end cash in the more traditional district’s shops for everything from organic, locally sourced produce, to niche clothing boutiques and all points in between.

 This continuous attitude shift has, in turn, created pockets of unprecedented growth in neighborhood markets in large cities throughout Europe as multiple industries claw back their identities from large corporations. Not only does this open up new channels of distribution, but it also creates new job opportunities and contributes to the large-scale rebuilding of local economies that were previously considered to be unprofitable. The convenience offered by mega-chains is being eschewed. The balance of power is being turned on its head.

 To this end, ACISS is wading into the waters to invest in this fascinating property market in order to pass on the benefits of its highly sought after direct devolution program, giving savvy investors the opportunity to benefit from this under-the-radar market.

 Based in Rome, ACISS is a leading European association, aiming to promote the regeneration of urban areas in order to raise standards of living for local people within their communities. We believe that the human connection should flourish no matter where you are.

 We draw from the combined knowledge and experience of established and respected legal professionals in the industry to provide our clients with access to incredible investment opportunities in new and emerging markets. We’re incredibly proud to introduce our Neighborhood Markets in Large Cities program – a real estate devolution program that employs a more effective use of rental properties in this market in order to generate large returns for our investors. We achieve this by regenerating local markets through acquisition and management while providing investors with an annual return rate guaranteed to fall within the 9%-14% range.

 This program is available to investors allocation a minimum of €112,000 with no upper limit. Your devolution capital and annual yield are guaranteed for the entire duration of the program by a US-based financial institution with a Bloomberg rating of A+. Registration is free and there are no hidden costs or exit fees. Contact us today to discuss growing your investment portfolio with Neighborhood Markets in Large Cities. 


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