My Home. A Place Of Evolution.

An inspiring talk with the Italian architect and researcher Fabrizia Zorzenon on how to take the quantum leap and use your house as a springboard to accelerate the process.

Jan 24th 2017 / 19:00

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Westminster, London

My Home A Place of Evolution Fabrizia Zorzenon.jpg

Fabrizia Zorzenon founded  Evolvere Abitando, a consulting design firm focused on designing houses for people who want to change their lives and turn their own dwellings into insightful guides for bringing authentic well-being and success to each and every moment of their daily life.
Please join her on the 24th of January for an evening talk aimed at promoting a different way to understand the reality we live in and the role played by architecture in the creation of our very existence.
During the evening, she will introduce you to instruments and teachings that will help you set along a path of evolution, that has existed for thousands of years and that alludes to an Ancient Knowledge born when the Gods walked the Earth. One of those tools concerns the Map of Opportunities, which represents the heart of Evolvere Abitando, and that, when skilfully combined with the architectural design of your own house, give rise to an extremely powerful instrument which makes it possible to access the rudiments of the Ancient Knowledge and learn how to create the reality you have always wanted, without much effort and free from any external conditioning.


  • What does home mean? Its structural role in a person’s life.

  • How reality is created and how can architecture change it? Quantum Physics and Epigenetic will help us understand how humans materialize reality.

  • The Map of Opportunities. The necessary starting point for everyone interested in taking the quantum leap.

  • Architecture that leads to evolution. How to turn your home into a place of evolution and authentic well-being.

  • This is not Feng Shui.

  • Also companies have their own Map. How to extend this knowledge to offices, hotels, or any other public building and help clients fully satisfy their needs and achieve higher profit returns.

  • Case Studies. Zaha Hadid.


Since the beginning of her professional career, Fabrizia Zorzenon has always worked on projects and researches aimed at developing a new design approach that highlights the undeniable power of architecture to give form and shape to our being-in-the-world. With emphasis on residential and commercial projects, she firmly believes that architecture is not just a matter of style or function. Architecture is first and foremost a device that can help people redesign their lives and turn them towards beauty.