Fabrizia zorzenon presents - alignment - A collection of POWERFUL and effective tools to enhance your innate potentialities and make you Master of Life

Based on in-depth studies of ancient texts by the Italian researcher Lucia Dettori, Alignment is an evolutionary program recommended for anyone who is ready to build a life that is satisfying and fulfilling at all levels, because in line with the Sense of their Life.



» The Ancient Knowledge

There is an Ancient Knowledge that has existed for thousands of years to show human beings the very sense of their existence on Earth.

The origins of this knowledge can be traced back to Old Egypt, in the days when the present race of men was in its infancy; from it have since arisen all the fundamental teachings that have so strongly influenced the religions and philosophies of all races, nations and people, for several thousands of years. Even the most ancient teachings of India have their roots in this Ancient Knowledge, which is said to have been born when the Gods walked the Earth.

Seemingly forgotten for millennia, this knowledge has remained alive among those who have safeguarded it and passed it down to remind us that Man has a unique gift: he has free-will and, thanks to it, he is allowed to make and invent himself in the form he so chooses.

By the very fact of being born to life, he is magical and divine: he has all opportunities before him. It is up to him to decide whether to become an Emperor or to allow others to occupy that role.

However, before he can make any choices – before he can deliberately create the reality he wants – he first needs to bring beauty into his life. Taken as harmony and perfection, beauty is the maximum vibratory energy that exists in the Universe. It is what draws Man towards his divine nature and what makes it possible for him to raise his personal vibration and access greater tools with which to give form and shape to the reality he wants, regardless of any external conditioning.

One of the women who safeguarded and transmitted the Ancient Knowledge was Isabella d’Este, Marquise of Mantova. She was one of the leading protagonists of the Italian Renaissance and she passed on the message in the best way possible for her time: she cultivated awareness through the study and creation of beauty that she herself impersonated.

One of the women who safeguarded and transmitted the Ancient Knowledge was Isabella d’Este, Marquise of Mantova. She was one of the leading protagonists of the Italian Renaissance and she passed on the message in the best way possible for her time: she cultivated awareness through the study and creation of beauty that she herself impersonated.


» Alignment

The only way possible to bring beauty into our life is to know and satisfy our real and personal needs, that is, those needs that are ingrained in our structure and that make us unique and different from everyone else. Inherited from our parents as a result of conflicts experienced by the previous generations, these are the only needs that our brain recognizes and that can therefore satisfy to ensure total and perfect harmony in our lives. Once fulfilled, these are the only needs that can increase our electromagnetic frequency and give us access to greater tools with which take the quantum leap and deliberately create the reality we have always wanted to live.

However, way too often, those needs are not met because they do not correspond to what we have learned and believed are everybody’s needs. They do not correspond to what we are told by advertising culture, tradition, and the social environment in which we live. And when we do that – i.e. when we no longer fulfill our needs as result of the beliefs we have, of the things we have learned from our parents – we automatically enter the conflict.

Conflict means that we lose harmony with ourselves and experience a state of dissonance between our true self and the self we have been taught to be. Such a dissonance is likely to cause unhappiness and sadness about life, and it can also lead to sickness, whether it is more physical or mental.

Unfortunately, in modern society, because of the constant demand coming from the outside to conform to needs and situations that do not belong to us, it is very common to find people in total disharmony in one or even more areas of their lives, be it family, sentimental relationship, social life, or work.

For instance, so many people today feel frustrated about not being able to become millionaires. What they do not realize is that this does not happen because it is not what they really want. In other words, they do not feel such a strong need as to transform it into desire because they are simply trying to standardize themselves to everybody else. It is always wise to remember that when we are trying to standardize our needs to those of the others, we are no longer fulfilling our needs. This creates a conflict that automatically precludes any possibility of happiness and evolution.

Hence || Alignment || as the simplest and most effective way to identify your real and most structural needs and hold the reins of your life.

Born from highly in-depth studies of ancient texts by the Italian researcher Lucia Dettori, it can be applied to everyone with the intention to establish their Biological Identity – i.e. their biological behavior in each and every sector of their daily life (family, love relationship, social life, work, inner personality, etc.) – and discover the meaning of their Sense-Project. The latter is the end goal towards which we must always tend during our entire existence so that everything we do, live, and experience will always make sense and creates the kind of happiness, beauty, and harmony we are constantly striving for.

... in the Universe there are no things, there are only Potentialities, it is us who turn them into something ...




A tool of ancient origin that allows everyone to become aware of their own inclinations, characteristics, singularities and innate talents, enabling them to view themselves beyond everything external to them that affects their daily life.




Finding your own place within a parental clan will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and build a legacy to be remembered well into the future.




Discover the sense of your existence in a work project. Here is a tool for everyone who wants to understand the best professional orientation for them or create a business that unique and fulfilling at all levels, because aligned to the Sense of their Life.




Once applied to the residential project, the Map of Opportunities becomes the starting point for an evolutionary path aimed at making your house a place where happiness and a deep sense of well-being can finally be achieved and achieved.




Thanks to you, I completely changed my life. Now I have 4 companies that are doing GREAT!!!
— Alfredo, VENICE
Thank you!!! Ever since our meeting I have felt very different about life.
You have given me a renewed confidence and made me feel that just being me is ok. I feel liberated.
The Map? It’s one of the most astonishing things I have ever seen. Once you have it, everything in your life starts to make sense… and holding its reins has never been so easy. This is beyond life-coaching.
— Gerard, Los Angeles
It’s not common to meet people like her. Fabrizia is young but capable of turning reality upside down. With the Map then, she can make everything so obvious that problems no longer exist. You just need to rely on her and start working perfectly.
When I met Fabrizia, I was in a very difficult time, almost close to give up my dreams for a more ordinary and comfortable life. Thanks to her and the Map I changed instead my mind and, a few months later, I was on my first international tour!
Fabrizia is very capable and talented. She can master the Map in an extraordinary way and connect things that apparently seems to have no relationship. You can feel the tremendous amount of preparation behind, a kind of study with very ancient origins.
I would have no idea how to label it. The Map goes in the same direction of life-coaching but it works in a completely different way. Never seen something like that, something that works so... perfectly.
The Map has nailed something so many therapists have tried and failed at: in just a few hours, fixing your life, once and for all. Thanks!!!

Fabrizia Zorzenon, Ph.D.

After years of studying under the guidance of Lucia Dettori, Fabrizia Zorzenon became “Master of Maps” in 2014. Since then, Fabrizia has been helping people across the globe to re-harmonize their lives and bring beauty to their world. With an international client list that includes celebrities, renowned athletes, successful businessmen and royalty, Fabrizia is today in high demand for life-coaching and her architectural projects designed to enrich people’s life and help them succeed.

SUGGESTED READINGS / Delta The Law of Dimensions, Lucia Dettori, 2016.




Lucia Dettori, an established and sensitive architect, has dedicated several years to studying and researching scientific and spiritual fields, developing a specific interest in themes regarding Human Evolution in relation to the Laws of the Universe. Through the study of brainwaves, she has since formulated her own theory based on principles of quantum physics and mechanics. This theory is summarized in the book "Delta, the Law of Dimensions", published for the first time in 2009. Lucia holds Conferences and Personal Awareness Courses all over the world, and continues her research on brain waves. Over the last year, she presented her new theory in particular concerning the Epsilon and Lambda waves. She has discovered how to consciously use deep brain waves and has brought instruments of ancient Knowledge back to light, unifying everything in the EL Method, created by her.