If evolution means perfecting one’s life to higher and higher levels, Evolvere Abitando is about achieving it with dwelling as a means.

Fabrizia Zorzenon, Architect & Home Image Specialist


Evolvere Abitando is a home design consulting agency offering comprehensive design services to those who desire to build a legacy to be remembered well into the future.

Founded by Italian architect Fabrizia Zorzenon, Evolvere Abitando specializes in developing residential properties that promote a deep sense of harmony for those who live within them. The houses we design are not only beautiful and efficient, they also represent the ultimate tool for the conscious creation of a life that is satisfying and rewarding at all levels.

Launched in London in October 2016, Evolvere Abitando has already established itself in cities across the globe, including Dubai and Los Angeles, thanks to its unique design approach and a vast international network of specialists and collaborators from real estate agents, craftsmen, and stylists to perfume designers, and art and investment consultants.

The product of a twenty-year research, Evolvere Abitando’s modus operandi pivots on two main disciplines: an ancient knowledge that maps a path of harmony and evolution for the client, and the careful study of architecture as a powerful language capable of redesigning people’s life by creating spaces that resonate at the deepest levels of its owners.

By combining these techniques, Evolvere Abitando paves the way to a unique design approach that focuses on the very nature of the individual to create houses in which the undisputed protagonist is the Self and their unique traits and desires are nourished, protected and served to the highest levels.

The fusion of these two disciplines is a technique that is known to some as “The Map of Opportunities”, which is the essence of our design philosophy. Born from in-depth studies of ancient texts, this extraordinary tool provides unique insights into one’s life and enables them to tap into their greatest strengths and highest purpose. When applied within the constructs of an architectural project, “The Map of Opportunities” also provides the information and vision necessary to transform a house into a place for one’s deepest sense of well-being to be reached.

From our home image consulting program through a full range of bespoke turnkey solutions, we offer our clients a wide range of architecture and interior design services specifically addressed to restore beauty, harmony and perfection in their everyday life.