Evolvere Abitando

Evolution With Dwelling as a Means


Founded by Italian architect Fabrizia Zorzenon, Evolvere Abitando is a home design consulting agency that specializes in developing homes & houses which embody a true sense of well-being.

Under the guidance of an Ancient Knowledge, Evolvere Abitando is able to devise, develop and create residential properties that are not only beautiful and efficient, but also promote a deep sense of harmony for those who live within them. Our houses are built not only as dwellings but meaningful spaces for the conscious creation of a life that is fulfilling and rewarding at all levels.

If evolution means perfecting one’s life to higher and higher levels, Evolvere Abitando is about achieving it with dwelling as a means.

Fabrizia Zorzenon is a celebrated architect, designer and researcher, and a native of beautiful Venice, Italy. Throughout her life, Fabrizia has always dedicated herself to cultivating the idea of beauty as a form of evolution.

The center-point of her work and expertise, architecture has become a powerful and expressive language for Fabrizia to communicate highly specific messages.

“In addition to its structural and functional nature, architecture has the unique ability to drive thoughts and move our emotions, more than we most consciously realize. A building may not be understood at all, and yet it can move us so deeply and alter our whole perception of reality, even before the intellect realizes it.”

Eager to work on projects and research missions that develop new design approaches and rethink the importance of architecture in the modern world, Fabrizia strives to create spaces that serve as powerful tools for both the individual and the collective, ultimately helping to create a sense of freedom and well-being for all.

“My goal is to emphasize the hidden potential of architecture by creating spaces in which people can rediscover themselves as fully capable and fully empowered to create the life of their choosing.”


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